Air conditioned jackets for our soldiers. Contact us on +44 (0) 1257 795186
X div of Ronfell Group

Air Conditioned Desert Camouflage Jacket
Knighton Heated Jackets
Dual Heated / Cooling Seats

John & Jennifer Ronfell - Managing Directors is a division of the Ronfell Group.
We created this website to demonstrate a cost effective method of cooling personnel.

In order to improve accessibility to all our customers will promote buying
online at a later stage but will include technical data on each product giving you the chance to
learn more about the world of cooling systems.

Please contact me or my department heads who are:-

John R – Technical Manager.
John H – Marketing Manager.

Tel: +44(0)1257 795186
Email: email

Company is a division of Ronfell Group.

Other Associated Companies

Ronfell Group – Corporate Company with head quarters in England.
Ronfell – Responsible for all Military and M.o.D Lighting.
Ronfell Lighting – For all types of lamps, lighting, luminaires and asscociated Equipment.
Ronfell Rubber and Plastics – For all types of rubber and plastic products.
Ronfell Components – Electrical and electronic components and parts.
Ronfell Engineering – Design and development of products for world wide customers.
Ronfell.Net – Design, development and installation of websites for companies in the UK and Europe.


In England & Wales


To supply all types of cooling and heating systems for world markets.


Full service capability for manufacturing textiles for public, military and commercial applications.
The company can provide a full customer design and development capability with precision
assembly process for all types of garments.

Plant & Facilities

5,000 sq ft available.

Inspect/Test Facilities

Quality Control ISO9001.

Quality Approvals

Ministry of Defence Approved Contractor:

  • DUNS:39-762-6458

Various companies manufacture products to BS EN ISO 9001.

Geographical Markets

Primarily Europe but also world-wide.

Principle Customers

Military, KIT Equipment for Police, Security Services, Electrical, electronic components
and lighting distributors, heavy equipment manufacturers,
medical establishments, mail order companies, supermarkets,
retail outlets, food and confectionary producers, high street shops.

Investors/Joint venture

Innovative and technically impossible projects undertaken.
Overseas joint venture options always considered for business opportunities.
Investors who require good returns on capital should consider approaching John.
For investments, ventures and business opportunities please see our
Business Opportunities page.

Markets We Serve

Military Industry.
Protective Garments, Bulletproof Vests, Heating and Cooling for Military.
All industries where cooling and heating on garment form is required.

Military Lighting / Aerospace Products
Red dark adaptation lamps and lighting equipment for ship, submarines.
Approvals,DCA ISIS/NAMSA CAGE CODE U9881, DUNS:39-762-6458.
Aerospace classification silicone and rubber products for all applications.
see for details.

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